Buildings and Bridges

from Out of Range

Tuning: Standard

To play this in the key as on the recording, capo the third fret.
(The chord progression then becomes Bb, Eb, G, C.)
I'm not sure about the voicings of the chords (it's possibly more eloquent to use an open tuning),
but the progression of D, C, B, C as the top notes of the chords is important to give the correct melodic feel.
Vary the rhythm for the break sections (where Ani is singing 'ba da dada bum ba bah'),
and leave out the hammer-on figure (A-B, A-B, D).
For the main part, focus on a smooth execution of the hammer-on lead-in figure.
                G        C                   Em        Am
--------------|-3-----3--1--------------- |--0-----0--1----------------|
--------------|-0-----0--0--------------- |--0-----0--2----------------|
------------0-|-0-----0--2-- -----------0-|--2-----2--2-------------0--|

Tab by Leigh Marble