from Ani Difranco

Tuning: Standard

The song consists of the two figures below:
The verses and all are Fig.1 and the bridge is Fig.2
If you listen to the CD, this should all make sense.  And, for that cool, 
sultry version she's playing live, now, the fingerings should be the 
same.  Just get your groove on.
Fig. 1                                  Fig.  2
e |---------------------------|         |------------------|
B |--2-2---2h3---3--------7---|         |--2h3--------2h3--|
G |--2-2---2-----0--------7---|         |--2----------2----|
D |---------------------------|         |------------------|
A |--0-0---0h2------------5---|         |--0----------0----|
E |--------------3------------|         |------------------|

Tab by Gary Chou