If He Tries Anything - First Version

from Out of Range

Tuning: Standard

The basis of this song is a 'G shaped'  C chord (hows that for 
technical). The closest actual chord to it is a C9, but minus a finger on 
the G string.I keep my little and third fingers on the high E and B strings 
throughout the song.
I have a bit of trouble trying to write down what my right hand does, 'cause
it just kinda does it, ya know? So here's my best shot. Most of the 'strums'
in this song are in relatively quick, jerky motions, until close to the 
end of the run. After you've plucked the open A, D, and G strings, use all 
of your finger nails - or whatever strumming tools you happen to be equiped
with - and rake them back and forth across the strings for thoses next 
two strums. Remember that you may need to fill in a few strums and plucks 
here ands there to make it sound right to you.

Standard Tuning
U- up
D- down
P- pluck
           U D U       U D D D       U D U D
                       P   D U           P   D U
If there's a seperate chorus, I don't know it.....
Play it over, and over, GOOD LUCK!

Tab by Kellie Bonnici