Pulse - Second Version

from Little Plastic Castle

Tuning: Standard

The song part:

I pluck three strings out of E, Am, and Dm chords. (Either strings 2, 3, 4
or 3, 4, 5.) I don't even know If I got the names of those chords right. Ah
well. Occasionally, you get to strum a trailing chord.

e |---------------------------------------------------------------
a |-----0---------------1-------1-1-----1-------0-------3---------
d |-----1-------2-------2---------------2-------1-------2-------1-
g |-----2-------2-------2---------------2-------2-------0-------2-
b |-------------0--------------0-0------------------------------2-
e |---------------------------------------------------------------

I'm not sure the first and last E's are the right strings, but it sounds 
about right. Maybe she just toggles them, playing it this way sometimes
and switching (between 2, 3, 4 and 3, 4, 5 strings) on the first and last E.

The jam session part:

I just hold an Exx, then an E, removing my finger from the a strings where
appropriate. I indicated that note with *stars* on each side for now, to
help play them.


e |---------3-----3-----3--------------0-----0------------
a |-------1-----1-----1---1----------1-----1---1-*0*-1----
d |-----2-----2-----2-------2------2-----2--------------2-
g |------------------------------2------------------------
b |---0---------------------------------------------------
e |-------------------------------------------------------

The wrap-around back to the start is pretty fast--no pause. The final a and
initial a (one octave apart) may even overlap. She improvises surprisingly
little for a jam session-type song, and leaves most of the improvising
to the bass and drum players. As far as I can tell, whatever variations
she does play are based on the above figure.

Tab by Luigi Petrigh